Clear the List February 2020

In a divergence from outdoor and travel tales, today’s post is joining in with the language learning community’s monthly goal setting trend. Specially Lindsay from and Shannon from host the monthly Clear the List goal setting link up – you can find all the details here:

Having not partaken recently I don’t have a review of last month’s goals for your reading pleasure, but I do have some for this month!

The two languages I am actively learning are American Sign Language (ASL) and Spanish. French is always there in the background because I use it regularly at work, but no specific objectives for it right now.


1. Classes

I am taking classes online with a tutor through the iTalki website (highly recommend!). I would like to make sure I get in at least four 45 minute classes this month.

2. Self Study – 30 Day Video Challenge

In January I registered for a 30 day course with a short video and lesson every day (well, I guess 30/31 days) through Fortunately the videos don’t disappear because so far I have completed, ahem, one of them. My goal for this month is to complete 10.

Disclaimer! The above might change if ASL103 runs this month through our local Canadian Hearing Society. If that comes to fruition it will be an intensive course over a couple of weekends, so the other activities will move to the back burner. Numbers aren’t looking promising for it to go ahead though.


My Spanish studying comes and goes, but whenever I travel I always wish it had spent more time coming than going. With a trip to Belize on the horizon in May, I started picking it up again last week.

1. Classes

I take online classes with a tutor, although not through iTalki in this case. Scheduling is a bit tricker than for ASL. So, I would like to take a total of three 45 minute classes.

2. Drops app

This is a vocab app that limits you to 5 minutes a day, twice a day, with short bonuses for keeping up a streak. I want to do a minimum 5 minutes a day.

3. Podcasts

I want to listen to 3 podcasts a week, using the Duolingo Spanish podcast and the Coffee Break Spanish podcast.

4. Stories

I want to read 3 short stories a week, which will come from this book:

For tracking progress for both ASL and Spanish I’m going with the ol’ bullet journal approach:

So there you have it, public commitment. Hasta luego!

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