Not-So-Reading Week

Whew, this semester has been a whirlwind and it’s not slowing down yet! However, with the next adventure looming (hint: it’s a warm one!), it’s time to recap October’s Reading Week canoe trip.

With 9 days to play with, Conor, Jack the Dog and I headed off to Temagami. Our friend Carole came along with us, and we connected with our friend Tim a couple of days into the trip.

Jack was his normal helpful self while we got loaded up at the put-in.

The fall colours weren’t peak, but were still beautiful.

We brought the hot tent, which was quite a cozy refuge on the cold and rainy days, and the snowy (!!) morning.

Some portage trails were easy walkers.

Other portages were trickier.

And one portage was absolutely horrifically heinously awful. We had to get through this bog, but we couldn’t move forward. The mud was bottomless, so we also couldn’t wade and push the canoe.

Before we were too far into it, we tried to follow some grassy hummocks to search for a better option. Jack knew better than to join us.

My mood was, ahem, disintegrating at this point, so Conor tried to maneuver the canoe while I stuck to higher ground.

Then I ran out of higher ground. This was an issue, as there was a significant stretch of bottomless mud between the canoe and I. No photos of my journey back to the canoe, but let’s just say I was glad I was wearing my PFD! With every step I was sinking to my hips, until I started scurrying on my knees in an effort to spread out my weight.

Here is proof that I made it.

We made it through only with Carole’s help. She could scoot through much more easily with her small, lightweight canoe, so she took some of our packs to lighten our load.

Eventually we made it through and set up camp. Jack loves being on the trail, but isn’t a big fan of camp set-up and tear down. He spends his time patiently-but-obviously waiting to get into the tent.

When the tent wasn’t an option he found other beds.

We had some beautiful, calm mornings.

And of course started every morning with Cowboy Coffee, professionally swung by Conor.

We spent one complete day weather bound. So I made a tuque.

We had some nice, rock campsites.

Checked out some pictographs.


Took some selfies.

And even got a family photo!

Finished into a headwind on Saturday morning, and headed back home rejuvenated and ready (sort of) to jump back into things.

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