Temagami 2019

As is fairly standard, we extended the May long weekend and turned it into a 10 day canoe trip. As is also fairly standard, we opted to go to Temagami.

As is also also fairly standard, I have been meaning to publish a blog post since getting back, but haven’t, and am now in scramble mode for a longer summer trip.

So, instead of the well polished post I envisioned, here are some pics with a few token words.

We started on the long weekend, so of course we two days of cold rain where we didn’t move anywhere. This meant we did a different loop than originally planned, but you can’t really go wrong in Temagami.

We passed by a well known pictograph site.

Jack the Dog came along. Fortunately for him is cuteness compensates for his terrible eating habits.

Here he is ignoring a biscuit.

And here I am hand feeding him, because I am a sucker.

But gosh darn he’s just so cute!

Our revised route meant less portaging than originally planned, but still enough to keep most folks happy (by which I mean enough to keep me happy, Conor wanted more).

At the risk of pointing out the obvious, spring is the wettest season in this area, which led to some interesting portage trails.

But there were some dry and pleasant trails.

Our new route also meant we got to do the Maple Mountain hike, and Jack got to prove that he is still as capable a mountain climber as he was as a young pupster.

We started in the enchanted forest.

Forged a mighty river.

Scaled some cliffs.

And then, the highlight of Jack the Dog’s trip, found snow at the top!

We also found the old fire tower. The ladder coming to ground level has been removed. This had zero impact on whether or not I would actually climb the thing. Uh uh, no way.

Later in the trip we faced more rain, and perfected the tent+tarp rain protection combo.

We also found tree spirits!

Aaaaaand then we finished the trip. Your imagination may need to fill in some details. Au revoir!

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