Costa Rica Part 2 – Sea Bird Sailing Excursions

We arrived in Playa del Coco on a Friday afternoon, and took that afternoon to wander around and get settled in. For Saturday, we wanted to plan something that didn’t require any driving around and, of course, I wanted to get out on (and in) the water. A trip with Sea Bird Sailing Excursions fit the bill perfectly.

We opted for the morning sail and snorkel tour. After breakfast we strolled down to the meeting spot on the beach, and hopped in a dinghy which took us out to the sailboat.

On the boat with us were two families, the captain, Sabastian, and a couple of crew members. There wasn’t a lot of wind, so we motored along, out of the bay and past some rocky islands. Even with the sails down it was just so nice to be cruising along on the Pacific Ocean with the warm sun and breeze.

Basically, I was ready to move aboard.

We were very well taken care of on the boat, with plenty of water, fresh juices, and sliced watermelon and pineapple. After an hour or so we anchored next to a larger island, got geared up, and hopped in for some snorkelling.

This was the first test of my new YI lite action cam and its underwater case, and I’m pleased to report that it works just fine! That said, many of these underwater pics were taken by a snorkelling crew member and sent to us afterwards.

We swam around for some time (I have little sense of time went snorkelling or diving). We saw lots of brightly coloured fish, sea urchins, and the outline of a ray hiding in the sand (the picture is a lot better than what I actually saw!).

Back on board, the crew hoisted the sails and we sailed back towards the beach. Motoring was nice, but true sailing was spectacular! No pictures of the wildlife seen on the return trip, but we had a small pod of dolphins go leaping by, and then a sea turtle swam right up to the boat and poked its head out to look at us! Incredible.

We moved from the bow to the cockpit after the sea turtle visit to get a bit of shade.

This was our captain. He lives on a sailboat and is sailing to the Galapagos in a few months.

I am exceedingly jealous.

It was the perfect activity for our first full day in Costa Rica, and I would definitely recommend checking out Sea Bird Sailing Excursions is you’re ever visiting the area!

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